Yarn chicken loose, nope…

Owdy! I fought hard with that one… I finally decided to work on that scarf for my husband to match the orange and grey hat, but the last skein was wayyyy too small, so I had to cheat a bit and had a little bit of a remaining orange thread I had, and this my friend started the yarn chicken… Ahhhh

When I finished the yarn while stopping the work, well, you guess… Fail…

So I decided to cheat even more (well since it wasn’t the first one on that peojct why stop, right? 😉 ), so I unravelled it half way and instead of doing a k1,p1, I went only knitting, but…

Failed again, that saved me only for one stitch… So I unravel again till the beginning of the row and did only knitting, and… Tada!!! 🙂

  Yarn chicken WIN! Ha! Feel proud now 🙂


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