Clay and wool

This week-end, I decided to try new things, go out more, meet new people, and that was FUN! 🙂

I went Friday night to some event a friend was organizing at a cultural house, many bands playing for a good cause. Very nice athmosphere. All kind of music, from 8-years old young raper to indie to violin/all types of instruments… Awesome!

Then we moved to an open-air festival in one of the main parks. Unfortunately too far from the stage to enjoy it, but met again plenty of people.

Saturday I followed my friend Eliska to her pottery workshop (all day!), and I worked on this yarn bowl idea I came up with the night before. Met again plenty of nice people, had a really good time. The day went super fast! I’m going again next week-end to hopefully finish it. The idea was to have the thread coming out of the bowl where the cat is “playing” with it. I think it’s too low for it, but any higher and the yarn would hardly go through this… So, that’s how it looks like for now: 


For my first real try at pottery… I’m quite proud 🙂

Sunday was more relaxing. I decided to work on that remote holder project I put on hold for over a year. Managed to sew the back, and figured out to add some carton in between to stretch it, and damn! That worked better than expected! I still didn’t finish it as I was meeting some friends (met new people, again :)) in the afternoon, but this is how far it went to give you an idea: