Chocolate mousse

20130324-103435.jpgOk so today is chocolate mousse recipe. So easy and so quick to do (it takes a few minutes to do, but don’t forget the time in the fridge too) 🙂
My granny taught me that one so young I can’t even remember how old I could have possibly be.

6 eggs
200g chocolate for baking
(Yep that’s it… no more ingredients and no extra sugar)

Melt your chocolate with a little bit of water so you have a nice homogenous melted chocolate.
Meanwhile whisk all your eggs white (keep the yalks for the next step). Here, to know if you did whisk your whites enough, the tip is to turn upside down your bowl. Yep… If you see your white starting to move, don’t bother trying to held this upside down: you’re not done yet, keep whisking… 🙂 The foam created should be really holding to the ball, no matter if it is in plastic or in glass. It usually take a few minutes (3-4) with a hand mixer.
Then add and mix all the remaining yalks to the melted chocolate.
In the chocolate bowl, add some of your whites, and GENTLY turn them with either a spatula or a wooden spoon. If you want your mousse to remain a mousse, just be gentle and patient when you do this step.
Continue until all the whites have been added.
Then put into the fridge for a few hours.
You can add some crunched hazelnuts to decorate the top part before/after putting it to the fridge (if you put them before, they would tend to slowly dive under the surface but then leaving some holes on the surface. If you put them after the mousse looks nicer. For this one, I added some before and after 🙂 yes: I’m a sweet tooth :))

You can use several small ramekins when putting the mousse in the fridge, this add up to the presentation usually.

The best chocolate mousses are those:
– made hours in advance (like do it in the morning if you want to eat it in the afternoon, or the night before),
– which you did your egg whites up to the point you can held it upside down above your head and not flip an eyelash from being scared it will fall off,
– and then got mixed softly with the chocolate.

Ok, now you know all the tips: Go! Kitchen! Now! 🙂


Big Mama’s hat


My friend Big Mama was having her birthday coming soon and I wanted to try to do some crochet (I’ve never tried that before, mainly knitting) so this is definitely something a beginner can do 🙂 so I started by following this tutorial on youtube here. Really well explained but it’s for french speakers, even though I believe you can follow the instructions visually too.
We had several tests for the length as it was growing and growing to fit her afro I then added a double flower on a safety pin so she can customize it as she wants:


Et voila! Happy bday girl!