Pink princesses cupcakes

As I had lots of pink marshmallow from the popcorn cupcakes, I wanted to come up with some way to use those remaining pink marshmallows. Another round of cupcakes just seemed to be about the right solution…

So using the same recipe (I added a few raspberries inside), the remaining of the wrappers from the Easter cupcakes, the toppers I found here, the pink marshmallow, and some decorating tube to stick the marshmallows on, you can get these ladies… 🙂

Quite easy to do if I compare them to the popcorn version…

So one round of that decorating tube:  

Start by the edge, and line up a round of marshmallow heading to the top:

Top it with a second round:

And a third one, don’t hesitate to squeeze them.  

And finally stick your figurine topper on top of a marshmallow:  

that you will add, yep that’s right at the top of the cupcake… duh! 🙂 et tadaaa: 

I took all these princesses to my friend BigMama and spend some good time there 🙂


Easter in the snow… and cupcakes

And once again we’re having snow for Easter! Unbelievable!

This time, Easter was not much for celebration or chocolate feast. I didn’t see my nephews, so I couldn’t give them all the goodies I got for them; and my last grand-parent just passed away. But I didn’t want to let myself go into sad mood, so I ended up baking… A looot… I needed plenty of colors to cheer me up.

I used the same recipe as the last bunch of popcorn cupcakes I did not so long ago. This time I added a few chocolate chips and kept the amount of sugar recommended. They were delicious!

I got the cupcake wrappers from Catchmyparty which has been designed by Paula at BluGrass Designs. So pretty! I kept the pink wrappers for the princess cupcakes I did on Sunday. And I found the toppers also at Catchmyparty through Printabelle. Printabelle designed a few free printables that I will definitely use in the future…


I know I could have done some decoration on the top of these chocolate cupcakes, but didn’t feel like, sometimes simple tastes better 😉