Beanie hat with ribbon

Beanie Hat with Ribbon

Call it Black Friday, call it whatever you want, I think I would prefer to rather call it 2WeeksColorful!

I’ve just posted on Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry my very first pattern! Yes! And I’m letting it for free for the next 2 weeks (except on Etsy: I can’t figure out how to list it for free 😦 So I’ve let it to a symbolic 1 euro fee).

So until Sunday 14th of December. It’s Christmas before Christmas! 🙂 So hop hop, go download! It exists in French (on Ravelry for now) and in English.

As it’s my very first pattern, your feedback are more than needed!!! So please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think, suggestions to make it better or if you see any mistake, typo etc etc etc.

I’ve made that one for my mother in law, and she loves it 🙂

Next pattern is coming up soon!

I’m so super excited about all this!!! 😀