October WIPs and projects

So where are we with the work in progress and projects from september and the new ones coming up for October…?

Here is the initial list from September:

  • finish my dream black jacket
  • (completed) orange hat
  • (new) orange matching scarf
  • (Completed) the remote control holder project
  • (In progress) knit two pairs of socks
  • (new) knit one baby blanket
  • (completed) knit a baby jacket
  • (completed) matching baby hat
  • finish the reupholstering of the chair
  • (completed) sew that blue and white table cloth
  • finish the (never-ending) curtains




And the extra projects that got added on the go:

  • (Completed) crocheted blue hat in Drops Cloud
  • (Completed) crocheted blue wrist warmers for my friend in Drops Cloud
  • (Completed) crocheted blue wrist warmers for myself in Drops Cloud
  • (In progress) knitted scarf in black and red
  • (Completed) knitted pouch in Drops Symphony



Now, October just started and I already know some friends baby is coming up soon as well as some birthdays… So let’s see:

  • One baby vest
  • One rabbit (still have no idea what the project will be but there must be a rabbit in it)
  • And one bday surprise which I will not write about since that friend is reading that blog… :p you’ll get the post once I handed it over 🙂
  • Something for my mother in law, no idea what either here… Also her birthday this month. 

Hmm, feels like a challenging month… 😀 I’m also gonna teach a friend how to do the wrist warmers soon. Quite looking forward! 🙂

I also want to work on a few die-cuts and stamping techniques. What? There are only 31 days in October you say? 🙂


Knitted pouch with owls and i-cord test

I completed the pouch during this long weekend (Monday was public holiday over here).

I sewed the knitted sides. Cut a piece of fabric with some cute owls and sewed all of these with a zipper. Then I tried a new technique. I knitted an i-cord! Super easy! But I’m really not a big fan of the end-result sadly :/ it feels weird when you touch it… Like a dead tail! Yuuuk! So I’ll see how my friends like the whole thing and maybe take it off from it if she agrees with me.


When a friend comes visit

This week I had the visit of a friend who now lives in Malaysia. So after catching up (last time we saw each others was a year ago…) we came around talking about both our passions. In her case she’s a talented photographer (but she only does it during her time off). I love her pictures, she is on a few sites where she also sells her prints. Just beautiful. Here are a few places where you can find her:

And of course after a few discussions she bumped into some of my stash which she fell in love with and kept talking how much she loves pouches. So she wasn’t probably back home that already the first part of the pouch was already knitted!

Now I want to add some textile for the lining inside and a zipper and it will be ready for her next visit 😉

September WIP check point

If you’re following this blog, you know that I started a list to track all my WIPs and future projects. Here is a check point to see some progress:

  • finish my dream black jacket
  • (completed) orange hat
  • (new) orange matching scarf…
  • finish the remote control holder project
  • (new) knit one or two pair of socks for my husband
  • (new) knit one baby blanket
  • (completed) knit a baby jacket
  • (new) baby hat
  • finish the reupholstering of the chair from our cottage
  • (completed) sew that blue and white table cloth
  • finish the curtains

Somehow making this list as short as possible, helps me to visualize better on what I can focus to finish faster.

Completed projects:

Orange hat


Baby jacket 

Table cloth


Bonus (Yep that wasn’t on the list), I went for a road trip to Bretagne (many hours in the backseat of a car), so I started to crochet a hat for the friend I was visiting. Ended up still with some wool, so I did some wrist warmers for her too, they are sooooo soft. I seriously love this yarn (Drops Cloud).


“And I feel good” 🙂

Table cloth / check!

Ah ha! That challenge I made to myself is good! I already completed that table cloth, which was waiting in a corner for a few months… Took me almost 2 hours to do it between all the pins, ironing and sewing. But … It’s done! Yeayh! 🙂

Next to be completed asap, that remote control holder project. It has been waiting also for ever to be completed, but now I have enough textile and no more excuses 😉

September WIPs and projects

I decided that I will list all my WIPs (work in progress) and projects I’m planning to work on at the beginning of each month and see how much I can complete by the beginning of the following month… With obvious challenge to finish as many as possible and to write that post every beginning of the month… Challenge accepted!

So September, here we go:

– finish my dream black jacket (still a lot of knitting hours ahead)  

 – finish the new hat I was working on for my husband during last weekend, but I ran out of wool. So some shopping is needed here but so far I’m not successful at finding that yarn… That wool was a birthday gift from my friend Havran. Such an interesting and playful wool to work with.

– and since more wool will remain left over from the finishing of this hat (oh the mischief here), I guess I’m up to work on a matching scarf…

– finish the remote control holder project. For this one, it is some sewing part that needs to be completed. I also need to go and buy some proper textile for this. (I ran out during my last trial)

– (new) knit one or two pair of socks for my husband (oh he made some jokes about it… So let’s have some fun too, plus it’s a good exercise, I’m no expert yet in socks)

– (new) knit one baby blanket. My ex just got a baby and I still haven’t done anything I planned :/ well at least I ordered the wool and it should be delivered soon. And I think I know more or less how I want the blanket to be.

– (new) knit a baby vest and matching hat, still for the same baby

– finish the reupholstering of the chair from our cottage (that’s taking too long, I have to come up with a new approach to finish this one, make it simpler so it’s achievable). I just realized I never posted anything about that project 8-/ I spent so many hours on cleaning it, repainting it and redoing the seating… Argh ok anyway now I’m thinking of instead of using  a new seat in wood and stappling the textile I would saw an independant cushion and that will hopefully be it.

And that’s the only picture I have of that chair… Oh my… it really deserves a whole post…

 Here is the textile I want to use: 
– (new) sew that blue and white table cloth. I bought the textile long ago. Come on, it’s not a complicated and long project… I can do it this month too, right?! 🙂

– and at the bottom of this way too long list, I have to finish some curtains… I’ve been ridiculous with these. They are hanging for one year in our living room, but they are so hard to manipulate that just putting the pins is mission impossible. This is the project I hate the most at the moment, hence it barely changed for a year, except when my mum came to visit once and helped me to pin 2 more curtains…  There are 4 to do…  Errrrrrhhh I’m seriously considering getting this done by someone else.


Clay and wool

This week-end, I decided to try new things, go out more, meet new people, and that was FUN! 🙂

I went Friday night to some event a friend was organizing at a cultural house, many bands playing for a good cause. Very nice athmosphere. All kind of music, from 8-years old young raper to indie to violin/all types of instruments… Awesome!

Then we moved to an open-air festival in one of the main parks. Unfortunately too far from the stage to enjoy it, but met again plenty of people.

Saturday I followed my friend Eliska to her pottery workshop (all day!), and I worked on this yarn bowl idea I came up with the night before. Met again plenty of nice people, had a really good time. The day went super fast! I’m going again next week-end to hopefully finish it. The idea was to have the thread coming out of the bowl where the cat is “playing” with it. I think it’s too low for it, but any higher and the yarn would hardly go through this… So, that’s how it looks like for now: 


For my first real try at pottery… I’m quite proud 🙂

Sunday was more relaxing. I decided to work on that remote holder project I put on hold for over a year. Managed to sew the back, and figured out to add some carton in between to stretch it, and damn! That worked better than expected! I still didn’t finish it as I was meeting some friends (met new people, again :)) in the afternoon, but this is how far it went to give you an idea: