November WIPs and projects

Ouch… It’s already November! Time flew this month… 

Here is the list for November:

– finish black jacket

– finish reupholstering the chair

– sew the curtains

– gift for my dad in law (yeah now he’s next)

I shrank it on purpose, since I want to start my new business this month, I need to be more realistic.

And let’s see what was completed this October:

– Peter’s black and red scarf  

– one pair of socks  

– hat for my mother in law, I gave her this one and she was super excited about it 🙂  

– Lily’s bday bash diys:   

– crochet lesson for some new wrist warmers: 

 – one more hat, which I might give to my nephew:

– a headband for a friend:  
– And a gift for my friend’s new baby. I didn’t do the rabbit in the end, but this:  


Congrats baby card

My ex had a baby recently and I did a few baby items for him (baby blue jacket and hat). I wanted to send a customized card to go with it. Finally yesterday, the inspiration struck me (after a crazy shopping frenzy where I bought many new stamps from My Paper World) and other things to toy around with my cards).

I went for a navy style as they live by the sea in south of France, which is very convenient for a baby boy theme 🙂

I had finished the background when I started to glue around the elements, and was happy with it.

I figured out that my stamping block was too small for some of the stamps, so instead of running back to the shop and spend more there. I got creative. I used the box from the stamps which is transparent… Worked ok. I wouldn’t over use that technique, but it’s good enough when you need a quick fix 🙂

I cut many items (I printed them and cut them with the Cricut machine, instead of doing the smaller cut version where I would have needed to glue tons of tiny layers).

I decided to do a large batch so I could reuse them for other occasions in the future.

But when I started to assemble everything, I didn’t count on touching by accident an ink pad with the side of the card… In a different color… So I figured I better add a few stamps from that color, which luckily was still matching the theme, but I couldn’t do a proper background anymore :/

Erhh! I was so frustrated! But I showed it around and people said it was ok. What do you think?


Lily bday bash, party decoration

Yesterday was Lily’s first bday, so I gave a hand to Big Mama to decorate the flat and top it up with a few muffins. She did a good job with the ballons decorations, check it out, it’s beautiful. I forgot to take a picture of the big one she did as well.

I overused my cricut so bad that my mat cracked wide opened. I managed to fix it though, so it did finish the job, but I’ll need to get some replacement (Errhhh! Again some expensive shipping, custom fees and lengthy delivery!) but look at what it can cut! Crazy intricate!

I used it even for the drawings:


I did two banners, reusing the negative from the first one. I simply designed some rounds and got the letters cut inside.

Mama working on the color pick:   

And getting excited about the bags:


She wanted some favors bags and tags. I used a template, just removed some pieces which were not needed and added the text on the banner. I got some help from a friend the day before to assemble these, and luckily as this took for eeevvveerr!


Big Mama bought some plushes, so we packed them in a way that their noses were popping out: 
Some magical muffin wands with the home made muffins…

And finally a few photo booth props to add some fun 🙂

 I made this card, still with the cricut. I doubled the birthday cut so it was really standing out (about six layers stacked on each others). I then tried my new stamp and did this enveloppe. I tried also my new Ranger markers. Quite liked the results 🙂


Game Over

Bachelor/ette party and a bit of Game of Thrones…

My friend Havran (translated as in Crow… you’ll see some connection with the picture …) had her bachelorette party a few weeks ago.

With my husband we worked on their outfits…

Here is the t-shirt for the man, which my husband found some of the parts of the images on the web, the rest was done with some fonts:

Lukas' shirt

And here is the dress I did for her, same here with the picture. And I use a font of Game of Thrones (can’t remember where I got it from, but here is a link to an example):

Havran's dressMy husband was also helping with ironing the transfer. We eventually mixed up the order of the pieces of the stag… but still liked it.

We had to run and find some better transfer paper as it was for dark textile and my paper was for light >_< Can’t they just make one type for this seriously?… We printed them on some transfer papers, and then cut them thanks to the cricut machine I bought a few months ago. Luckily I bought that machine! that would have been such a pity without! Anyway the transfer was great… after a few failures between the cut, the paper… Luckily I tried these on some lousy t-shirt beforehand before touching the dress.

Game OverI unfortunately don’t have a close up of the t-shirt. Too in a rush that day.

The Cricut was really helpful, since we also planned a treasure hunt for the bride-to-be and future husband.

I got some great help from my friend Eliska to do the whole puzzle/map on that crazy day since we got blocked the 3 of us, Eliska, my husband and I in the tiny lift of our building at midnight on her way out… and yeah let’s top it by her pregnancy… I got a bit scared it would take too long to get some help.

Anyway, we found some old pictures of the city center, I mixed it up with some puzzle shapes I found through an online generator. We added some hints on the picture like time and place she should find. Transferred all of this to the cricut. Split these into 4 packages (also made with the cricut) that she had to find around her offices…

She solved it 🙂 Met us at some restaurant, then we moved to some more puzzle game… We had booked an Escape Room type of place. Bought some Sekt, drank it in the street, some funny irish guy with his new zealand cousin stopped us in a street and made some funny picture with her. We slowly moved to another place, drank some more then hit the fine underground club that she likes. That was a great day 😀

Tomorrow we’re going for the wedding!