Rice heating pad


My dear husband caught some mean back pain the other day, so I went on emergency diy mode to do a rice heating pad I saw on Pinterest months ago. It took me only a few minutes! That did help to relieve the pain, and I got on doing some more as christmas gifts… 🙂

I just love the teddy print! Decided to cut them to match the squares and rectangles of the print. I ended up with all kind of size and shapes of heating pad. The long rectangles will be perfect for the neck.

Today I did some more with another fabric and decided to do the step by step photos. Either you cut 2 pieces of the same size in a cotton fabric, or only one which you will fold in half. For the teddy bears, I did most of the time twice the same cut of the fabric, so the same print is on both sides. You sew the shape right face against right face, and leave a small opening, not too small neither, like 3 cm (here at the bottom left):

Then you turn your fabric out so you see now the right side of the fabric, to do this I used a knitting needle to help me.

20131208-134231.jpg 20131208-134237.jpg
Then you fill it with uncooked rice (or flax seeds), I’ve read some people use some fragrance on it, I didn’t, I’m letting this up to the person receiving it to choose if s/he wants some or not. To fill it with rice, I used a paper cone, it made my life easier! 🙂
Then I clipped it so the rice doesn’t “run” away while I’m doing the rest… And then you finish by a few more stitches to close the pad completely.

Et voilà! 😀

Next, I want to prepare some note with instruction on how to use these. I personally put one for 30 seconds in the micro wave, then I shake the rice, and If I want it warmer I send it back for another 30 sec, etc.
Keep in mind not to wash it, you got rice inside! 😉 if you want to wash it, I recommend you to do a pillow version of it, the bag with some fabrics you don’t really care (cotton preferably so you don’t get a bad surprise in the microwave), and a pillow for it with some buttons or other to close it.