Knitted pouch with owls and i-cord test

I completed the pouch during this long weekend (Monday was public holiday over here).

I sewed the knitted sides. Cut a piece of fabric with some cute owls and sewed all of these with a zipper. Then I tried a new technique. I knitted an i-cord! Super easy! But I’m really not a big fan of the end-result sadly :/ it feels weird when you touch it… Like a dead tail! Yuuuk! So I’ll see how my friends like the whole thing and maybe take it off from it if she agrees with me.



Socks started

I got a little bit tired of knitting in black, so I casted on the socks I was planning for my husband using the Drops Fabel.

I was first a bit confused by the instructions from the pattern. It’s only on 2 needles. But it’s now starting to take shapes so I understand better where is what.

Basically I’m changing color every 2 rows which creates this interesting color mix 🙂 Nice change from the black!

When a friend comes visit

This week I had the visit of a friend who now lives in Malaysia. So after catching up (last time we saw each others was a year ago…) we came around talking about both our passions. In her case she’s a talented photographer (but she only does it during her time off). I love her pictures, she is on a few sites where she also sells her prints. Just beautiful. Here are a few places where you can find her:

And of course after a few discussions she bumped into some of my stash which she fell in love with and kept talking how much she loves pouches. So she wasn’t probably back home that already the first part of the pouch was already knitted!

Now I want to add some textile for the lining inside and a zipper and it will be ready for her next visit 😉

New scarf

i know this month I wanted to focus on my WIP and projects and finish as much as possible… But, as I saw already a few extra projects got added on the way (wrist warmers, friend’s hat) and now my husband told me a friend was having a birthday so it would be great if I could make a custom scarf for him… Yes… The request came from the husband (wow!).

So here I go in my statch and trying to find whaat he asked for: black and red wool. And guess what… I have none of this leftovers… The only black wool I have is gonna be used in the black jacket… So I ended up making another order. Bought 5 skeins of Big Merino in black from Drops and 1 in red. And guess what #2… I ran out of wool! 8-0. Damn… So here I am with my scarff completed to a 60%… And having to order again some wool. Luckily it should be delivered soon so I can finish it this weekend.

This is how much wool I have left at the moment…

You can’t see much of the pattern so here is a closer look. I came up with the pattern after… 12 drawings… 

I quite like the whole cable pattern mix 🙂

Btw the big merino is quite nice to knit with, it weirdly doesn’t feel so “merino” to me, but anyway, nice to knit.

I guess you can’t just stick to your plan when things like birthdays just pop up on the way 😉

Baby crocheted hat in Drops Cloud

Finally another check box for my Work In Progress (WIP) list of September! Yeapeehyeah!

I completed the baby hat which I wanted to match the baby vest for my friend’s new baby.

Remember the vest?

baby vest in blue

So here is the hat:

I just went on the web searching for dimensions of baby hat and did it my way in simple crochet and with the Drops Cloud wool. Oh yes, I know I said it already too many times… I love that Drops Cloud wool… ❤

I’m thinking of maybe adding one of those fish buttons there as well… we’ll see…

For now I’m happy this one went well 🙂


When everything goes wrong

…just stop and do something else…  Well that would have been the best advice for this weekend… Like: stop have a glass of wine, watch a movie, go somewhere else…Instead I kept working hard on my vest, couldn’t find a way to do the neckline, did it 3 times, still not working… Ok, moved on to the sleeves… Nope not any better! Damn it! I tried to fix something, ended up worse, and worse and thus had to unravel so much of it! Erhhhhh! Here is to my mess! In black pretty please…

So after all that, and I don’t know how many lost hours of work… I decided to finally move on to my other unfinished project, and completed that 2nd piece of wrist warmers! Yeayh ok, didn’t go that well either… I wanted to try some new stitches, see if I could improve the last one… Nope, the same unravel, try again, unravel, try again, un-… You see where I’m going… So after so much success (hear me Irony!) I gave up, and at least finished that one using the same pattern I did last time… So nothing new to show up for this weekend I’m afraid, and nothing to tick off from the WIP list since of course the second wrist warmers were not planned (hmm and not even the first ones) 🙂

At least after another day and having that crazy black yarn sorted out, I got 34cm of a sleeve done (out of 56) – which by the way, 56cm seems short to me ?! Any advice on this anyone?