Chocolate pie

Yesterday I did a chocolate pie, with a little twist: I added a few chocolate chips. Results: freaking-delicious! Nom-nom!

Super simple recipe, and really fast to cook!

1 dough, 20cl of cream, 8cl of milk, 1 egg and 200g of chocolate + a few grams of chocolate chips. Cooked at 180 celcius degrees for 10 min and letting it in the oven for another 5 min when cooling down.

The results, a super strong chocolat taste. Some chips melted as expected, but some didn’t and that’s probably what did give to the pie a very strong chocolate  taste.

Personally next time, I’ll add either a few pieces of pear … or… a small touch of sea salt! Yup! I bet it will be even better 🙂 but anyway, this was super good, I recommend it to any chocolate lover 😀


Right now, in the oven…

Chocolate pie!!! Ah yeah, I did a small twist, I also added som chocolate chips. I guess they are gonna stick to the bottom, but I’m curious about the result… 🙂


Pink princesses cupcakes

As I had lots of pink marshmallow from the popcorn cupcakes, I wanted to come up with some way to use those remaining pink marshmallows. Another round of cupcakes just seemed to be about the right solution…

So using the same recipe (I added a few raspberries inside), the remaining of the wrappers from the Easter cupcakes, the toppers I found here, the pink marshmallow, and some decorating tube to stick the marshmallows on, you can get these ladies… 🙂

Quite easy to do if I compare them to the popcorn version…

So one round of that decorating tube:  

Start by the edge, and line up a round of marshmallow heading to the top:

Top it with a second round:

And a third one, don’t hesitate to squeeze them.  

And finally stick your figurine topper on top of a marshmallow:  

that you will add, yep that’s right at the top of the cupcake… duh! 🙂 et tadaaa: 

I took all these princesses to my friend BigMama and spend some good time there 🙂

Easter in the snow… and cupcakes

And once again we’re having snow for Easter! Unbelievable!

This time, Easter was not much for celebration or chocolate feast. I didn’t see my nephews, so I couldn’t give them all the goodies I got for them; and my last grand-parent just passed away. But I didn’t want to let myself go into sad mood, so I ended up baking… A looot… I needed plenty of colors to cheer me up.

I used the same recipe as the last bunch of popcorn cupcakes I did not so long ago. This time I added a few chocolate chips and kept the amount of sugar recommended. They were delicious!

I got the cupcake wrappers from Catchmyparty which has been designed by Paula at BluGrass Designs. So pretty! I kept the pink wrappers for the princess cupcakes I did on Sunday. And I found the toppers also at Catchmyparty through Printabelle. Printabelle designed a few free printables that I will definitely use in the future…


I know I could have done some decoration on the top of these chocolate cupcakes, but didn’t feel like, sometimes simple tastes better 😉

Popcorn cupcakes

Yesterday was my husband’s bday celebration with his friends, and for this occasion I went all-in 🙂

I wanted to make a cake that would be really matching what he likes, except he’s not any big fan of cakes… But, he’s a big fan of pop corn… After seeing some awful popcorn cakes on the web, I opted for the pop corn cup cakes (which are in fact made from marshmallows).

First challenge was to find those tiny marshmallow, I was lucky that a week before the event I bumped into a new cooking section at our Tesco which had them so I already bought a bag. I figured that for safety I would buy a second bag which I found at Marks & Spencers.

I called a friend to help me prepare these as I was limited in time and not sure how these would turn out. 2 brains are better than one 🙂

We started by separating the pink marshmallows from the white ones… oh yeah… now i’m planning a second round of cup cakes with pink marshmallows…


I baked the cup cakes based on this recipe. I just modified the amount of sugar to a full cup instead of 3/4, and let them bake at least 18min. They were so tasty! I will reuse that recipe for sure!


While the cupcakes where baking we prepared the corn (marshmallows)…

I was following this awesome blog which had some instructions about how to do the decorations. But seems it is down today 😦 I really enjoyed how the post was written. I hope it will get back up and running soon!

Basically we used a pair of scissors, cut the marshmallow either in two and then stick them together in a v-shape, or cut the top or the side part in 4, or also cut a bit of the top and then the bottom again.

We used some yellow food colouring. My friend preferred using the dust and her hands to colour them, I preferred a bit of water and a paint brush, the mix was awesome! image

We used some decorating tube to spread a little bit at the top of the cup cakes where we were gonna stick the “pop corn”, and then sticked those pop corn to the spread. Perfect! (Except that we ran out of decorating tube and marshmallows… Luckily my brother-in-law helped us with the shopping :)) For the note, I ended up using 4 bags of these small marshmallows… So yeah… Now I have about 2 full bags of pink marshmallows…………

I had printed a few cup cakes holder with the pop corn designs (from the previous site), they were the perfect size and I added a spin with some tooth picks decorated with a clapper containing a few texts.

image image

In total I had about 17 cup cakes (+2-3 that we ate while making these….. :P)

During the celebration they were a big success for the originality of the idea 🙂 and people were happily surprised that they were not as sweet as they would expect them. Bref, I was happy and so was my husband 🙂 Thanks again to my friend Eliska for the big help as well as my dear brother-in-law!

Bugnes de Lyon

Today I made some bugnes. It was a first time for my husband to try these, and I think last time I did some was probably 8-9 years ago! I did a bunch, but I think next time I’ll x4…
  They are so easy to do and good to share with family, friends and co-workers 🙂


– 200g flour (self-raising, or add some backing powder)

– 40g sugar

– 1 large spoon of oil

– A pinch of salt

– 2 eggs

– Powdered sugar

– (Orange blossom)

Mix all the ingredients, best is to mix them by hand. If you like, add a little bit of orange blossom, it gives a marvelous taste.

Lay the dough flat, cut rectangles and make another cut in the center of the rectangles.

Pass one of the extremity inside the hole to twist the bugne.

Fry them (you need to turn them and fry them on both sides + beware they fry very fast).

Remove the extra oil from them with some kitchen towels (paper).

Sprinkle them with powdered sugar, et voilà!

Chocolate mousse

20130324-103435.jpgOk so today is chocolate mousse recipe. So easy and so quick to do (it takes a few minutes to do, but don’t forget the time in the fridge too) 🙂
My granny taught me that one so young I can’t even remember how old I could have possibly be.

6 eggs
200g chocolate for baking
(Yep that’s it… no more ingredients and no extra sugar)

Melt your chocolate with a little bit of water so you have a nice homogenous melted chocolate.
Meanwhile whisk all your eggs white (keep the yalks for the next step). Here, to know if you did whisk your whites enough, the tip is to turn upside down your bowl. Yep… If you see your white starting to move, don’t bother trying to held this upside down: you’re not done yet, keep whisking… 🙂 The foam created should be really holding to the ball, no matter if it is in plastic or in glass. It usually take a few minutes (3-4) with a hand mixer.
Then add and mix all the remaining yalks to the melted chocolate.
In the chocolate bowl, add some of your whites, and GENTLY turn them with either a spatula or a wooden spoon. If you want your mousse to remain a mousse, just be gentle and patient when you do this step.
Continue until all the whites have been added.
Then put into the fridge for a few hours.
You can add some crunched hazelnuts to decorate the top part before/after putting it to the fridge (if you put them before, they would tend to slowly dive under the surface but then leaving some holes on the surface. If you put them after the mousse looks nicer. For this one, I added some before and after 🙂 yes: I’m a sweet tooth :))

You can use several small ramekins when putting the mousse in the fridge, this add up to the presentation usually.

The best chocolate mousses are those:
– made hours in advance (like do it in the morning if you want to eat it in the afternoon, or the night before),
– which you did your egg whites up to the point you can held it upside down above your head and not flip an eyelash from being scared it will fall off,
– and then got mixed softly with the chocolate.

Ok, now you know all the tips: Go! Kitchen! Now! 🙂