I’m an auntie! Time to get back on the needles!

As you noticed there has been a long silence on this blog… Time to undust, remove the tumbleweeds and spiderwebs that cumulated around. And what a better reason than : I am now an auntie, so I have some new projects on my needles and tons of update to share !!! 😀

Things have changed a lot since the last post, so after losing everything (motivation included), I had to find a way to get back on the horse. I finally put back my life together and after about 2 years: I got a new job, bought a new flat, I am fixing my foot (oh yeah I sprained my ankle and it’s been almost 2 years I am having issues walking with it, it’s almost finally healed!), I am finished with my divorce (yep that also happened in the meantime), and mainly I extended my family: two cats (who are loving all the yarn around!), an amazing SO with his adorable twins and his dog, and now to top it all up my sister just gave birth to my beautiful niece Eleyna.

I’m getting ready to visit Eleyna in next coming weeks back in France. So I started some new projects and wanted to share them with you 🙂

First when I visited my sister last Christmas, I had already prepared some matching knitted hats for my sister, her boyfriend and the baby to be born with a very cute pom-pom. And mind you, even the baby hat had a smaller pom-pom matching the adult one. Actually the baby hat turned out a little too big, but since you can roll it up and it’s quite flexible, she will be able to use it for years 🙂

IMG_2961  IMG_2966IMG_3062

During that visit, my sister gave me some yarn and a baby vest pattern she struggled with. She loved the yarn but couldn’t figure out how to knit the pattern, she then gave it to my mum who had the same struggles. So they gave it back to me to give it a go. Being the most patient and stubborn one in the family, I eventually managed to finish it!!! Ah! The satisfaction 🙂 And it looks really nice 🙂

I’m missing a picture here of the vest, but will edit the post as soon as I have one…

Later on, my sister saw some white blanket for summer and really liked the idea. So I’m currently working on a baby cotton white blanket. I found some hearts pattern and decided to create my own blanket. It still is a work in progress and I need to find what edge to do to make it a bit larger. But this is what I have so far:

I also started a new carpet, I’m already half way. I’m using three yarns together that I change at the end of the ball. Here is the over look of the color mix I’m using – I love it 🙂 :


Spoiler alert! Another reason for me to get back behind the keyboard: my new partner has decided to tackle one of my pet peeves in knitting: pattern instructions that are driving me nuts… and so he is helping me out building a knitting calculator or rather an app to help me with distributing stitches when adding or decreasing them, because yeah “Increase by 35 stitches” on paper sounds easy, but in real life: where the heck am I supposed to put them within those 97 stitches on my needle!?  And I need visuals and something interactive, and we are no longer using Windows 95, can I get something a bit more modern?!

I’ve been looking for a bunch of apps, websites, but nothing was satisfying me, so we are tackling that one at the moment 🙂 and it’s fun! Ok, it’s also sometimes doing my head when I am working with all the maths, but at least it’s really interesting and I’m going back to my programming roots that I studied at university many moons ago. So I’m learning, we’re having fun coding together and on top of it I will have an app to help me! Ultimate Win-Win!!! 😀 Since I’m expecting I’m not the only one having issues with this, we are gonna make it available on a website called http://woolassistant.com. I am actually quite curious how it will turn out. I will let you know once it is available!!



Baby jacket finished!

That one went really fast! When I think about the last (and also first) baby jacket I did last year, I got to say, this one was completed crazy fast.  

The size (and softness which got me completely hooked) as well as the pattern are for a big part in making it simple and fast to do. I however don’t really like the neckline.

Anyway, I’m in the overall happy about the result. I didn’t expect to have this finished by end of this week, knowing how much stuff is going on.

I even got a quick run at the shop to buy the buttons. Aren’t they cute? 🙂

 And I definitely didn’t expect to use only 2 skeins for the 6months size! Wait what?! Does it mean I have tons of wool remaining for possibly another baby outfit?! Oh my oh my. More knitting with this wool. No wonder they call it Cloud, that’s where you’ll find me 😉


Orange hat completed, baby jacket started, Drops Cloud wool review

And second small win of the week: the hat is finished!
I’ll add to my to-do list of next month to write its pattern I guess.

I finally found the wool (Schoeller und Stahl – Meribel Effekt Color) in some shop but unfortunately not enough to make a matching scarf. BUT, I found a few other similar skeins which are fully orange (so no “effekt color”) and that looks like a match! 🙂 Hooray! Now I still need to think about how I’m gonna make this work… Let’s see, maybe next week I’ll have some inspiration.

Meanwhile I started working on the baby jacket. I finally decided to follow this pattern and not to change much except the recommended wool and thus the needle size as well. Seems i’m lucky with my gauge, it’s matching the number of stitches and rows! So no changes for following the pattern. Super-WIN!

The picture is not showing the right colors of the jacket, as I took it by night, but I guess tomorrow’s picture will be better 😉

And the best part of the day: the wool I bought for this! It’s again from Drops, and it’s called Cloud.
It’s simply A-MA-ZING!

I’ve never fell in love so much with a wool. Not kidding! It’s the softest I ever had, so pleasant to knit with. I spent hours knitting mainly because the wool was so nice between the fingers, so soothing. I even got a funny situation due to that. I had something bothering me at the office, and somehow, the yarn just came to my memory and its vision calmed me down (wait, what?!). So weird experience… And then I kept a smile all day long just knowing I was gonna continue knitting this yarn in the evening! I won’t be surprised if my husband enrolls me for rehab soon because of such addiction…

Somehow this event reminded me of this quote I already posted long time ago:

Happy knitting everybody!