Visiting the niece

Last week I had the chance to go back to France and be introduced to my niece, and that was love at first sight 🙂 I’m not so much into baby but she’s an exception, luckily for me … or my sister 😉 She is sooooo cute, all the time smiling and I was able to calm her down when she would cry so I wouldn’t freak out from holding her :).

I didn’t visit any of my friends, just spent all the time with my family. My dad made us some homemade pizzas. Which is a very special treatment for us when we go there 🙂 He even made one in a shape of a heart so I could take it back home to the twins.


My sister took me to some kind of greenhouse where they were growing strawberries and tomatoes, all very natural and without any chemical residues. That was very interesting to see but mainly very very tasty 😛 She bought some strawberries there to make some tiramisu – which was soo tasty!! Nothing compared to those I can buy in Czech Republic sadly.

We did a lot of baby shopping too, and I finished the blanket during my trip (not so keen on the edge pattern I picked, but I needed a quick finish as I was flying back the next day. This is how it turned out:

My sister seemed to really like the vest I did for my niece too. Which I, of course, forgot to take in picture for this post again… >_< I’ll see if I can get one from her.

During that trip, I realised that I should be doing more baby patterns. I have another 3 sessions with my local crochet group before summer, and this evening we have a gathering so I’ll need to find a new pattern to work on by then. My parents should come visit in about 3 weeks so I could give them what I would have finish by then. My gut feeling is that this beautiful weather we are having at the moment is not going to motivate me to knit or crochet much 🙂 At the moment I have only 2 WIP: one carpet and a shawl – which both can wait. Priority to summer projects 🙂

I promised one of the twin to make a bolero for her for this summer so I need to find some pattern for this too. I think I want to find something with a bit of lace.

I have also been working on the knitting increase and decrease calculator, correcting a few calculations. I’m still looking for more feedback, if you got some time, give it a try and let me know what you think of it. You can find it at I want to finish the calculation of KFB today – it’s doing my head but it’s worth it :).


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