Hmmm… 21 days without any post… 21 days where again so much crap happened that I fell I lost everything, really everything, even my “craftivity”. But eventually, last weekend I bumped on a how to video on youtube about these hats that transforms into shawls and the pattern was the most simple possible that there was no way I could fail. I’ve tried so many things last few weeks, nothing worked, I kept unraveling everything I was doing. So this was the quick win I needed to feel better.

I did the first one in about an hour using the Crazy sexy wool from Wool & the gang. I used the whole skein.

Successfully (finally!). I really like how it looks from close up:


So next day I did another one using some brown Wool ease thick and quick metallics from Lion Brand.

Here are a few pics with all the variations on how they can be worn as hats or shawls.

Meanwhile we just arrived yesterday in Copenhagen with Big Mama as both of us needs some fresh air from all the craps happening. Hopefully this will help. We’ll see…

Loved that picture with Alice’s rabbit in bottom right corner and the cat in top right corner… 😉



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