Trying the gang…

Finally! I got the opportunity to buy some expensive wool from Wool and the gang. Reason: they made their delivery for free. Result: I bought 1 skein of “Jersey be good” and 1 skein of “Crazy sexy yarn” on Thursday, I received them Friday at lunch time, and by 7pm I had made already 2 beanies!

Both of the beanies are done using Jersey be good. I really like that yarn. It’s not made from wool but from textile, so I’m expecting it to resist much better than the usual wool beanies I do. Having done 2 beanies I still have quite some yarn from that one skein:

The beanies are done using circular needles size 9, then size 12. Bottom is done using K1, P1. 

This one is simply k1, p2 pattern with a few diminutions here and there:  

While this one was using the knit below and purl below stitches (of course I wanted to try a new stitch :)). It looks shorter but since the yarn is elastic and the stitch makes it even more elastic, the size is perfect 🙂

Review of the Jersey be good:

Characteristics: 500g (yup! Half a freaking kilo!), 2% elastane, 98% cotton. Hand wash, 30degrees, dry flat (being from jersey textile, I can’t believe you’re not allowed to use your washing machine).

The +: The yarn is elastic, which makes it really easy to knit by creating less tension. Your end result will remain elastic so in case you didn’t do the right size, you still have some margin. Pleasant to knit with. Can make 2 beanies (maybe 3) with one skein.

The -: the price… :/ 10€ for one skein. That’s freaking expensive from my point of view, even if it’s for 500g. I would buy it again only when they have a promotion either on the wool or on the shipping. The lack of information on the label: no gauge on the label, no needle size recommendation! Wtf… And no length as well. >_< If you want more info you need to go to their site, so you can find that the needle recommendation is 10mm to 15mm, and length is 99,5m, but still no gauge (I’m not a gauge freak, but I like to have this type of information available).

Results: a long negative paragraph, but I wouldn’t mind more of that wool… Luckily christmas is coming, right? 😉


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