Peter’s red and black scarf finished after scarf transplantation

Finally after so many days of bureaucratie, I was finally able to touch again my needles! So I used that time to finish the scarf for Peter AND to do some crazy twist with it… I was feeling like a heart surgeon doing a heart transplantation… Except it was 2 pieces of scarves and no life saving behind that.

I didn’t like the original start of the scarf until the last red stripe so I decided to knit a new piece for the beginning which will be more matching the pattern of the scarf. 

 I tried it first by finishing the overall scarf, so when that end did turn out to look good I was on for some crazy scarf transplantation… 

I did a first trial on a small square of wool, didn’t turn so good, but I learnt a few things (such as I really need to memorize better what was my last stitch and not to be deconcentrated during this).

I inserted my needle all the way through.    

Then unravelled the bottom part.

Then tried a gartner stitch between my two needles. Epic fail! Ouch, bad start…

But I wasn’t gonna let this to put me down, so after really examining the result of the square I decided to move on to the scarf. Same process: entered the whole needle the whole way through, just above the red stripe. Then I removed gently the last red row.

And then I concentrated! A lot!

Btw notice the other side of the wrong “start” I did like the red stripes here much better, but anyway the overall was still not to my liking. 

So off I went with again the gartner stitch! And … Tada! It worked! Patience always paid me back 🙂 now I’m even doing the whole blocking for the first time since it keeps rolling on the sides. 

You can slightly s that the small columns are off, I don’t understand why when all the others line up perfectly. Oh well, you can’t go to surgery without a scare….  
Here is the whole scarf (folded in two, that’s why you can see some red on the right side going higher – it’s from the other side):  


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