To a new era

I got laid off. In less than 24 hours my life changed. Tuesday afternoon my boss anounced me that that same evening I’ll have to pack and that Wednesday  will be my last day at the office. My position was merged with another one, so they no longer needed me after almost 10 years of work.

I was gonna take my team out next week to celebrate my 10 years in the company… I had barely any chance to say goodbye to people I worked with. No chance to do a handover to my team and to make sure they won’t be in trouble. It just came out of the blue. Seems a few people got laid off that day without any warning. 

Luckily I had already discuss with my husband about future plans a few weeks before, and he was the one telling me I should leave the company. The idea was to save some money for the next 9-10 months and then start my own business. Well, I wasn’t able to save anything since that discussion only happen 2-3 weeks before the News.

So for now it’s a mess of paperwork and bureaucratie that I’m going through and it’s even more painful since I don’t speak fluent czech. I think I’m mainly upset for the short notice I was given because this didn’t allow me to prepare for anything, and mainly my health insurance. I have a doctor appointment today which was scheduled for almost 2 months already, now I’m not sure how this one is gonna go and I really need it. Errhhh enough of whining… It’s also very exciting to think that I will finally be able to work on something I love! I guess I’ll start with a website since it’s gonna be harder at the moment to find a shop to rent.

My last job was slowly killing me, even more since I had that old friend as my new boss for last 4 months who was just being a dick. Now it’s confirmed, he really doesn’t know what he is doing. The person who got my job is less qualified. Doesn’t know anything about knowledge management. After the announcement, my team was getting on a strike mood, most of them talking about leaving, stopping every projects they had, didn’t want to work for that new manager, told me she should have been the one fired since I also used to do her job in the past and not vice versa. They had a point. Except… she’s pregnant and will be on maternity leave soon. She’s already not coming to the office much because of morning sickness. Nothing makes sense in this company anymore. So it can only get better for me to get the hell out of there! Screw those managers who made that decision, I’m mainly sorry for my guys to leave them behind.

I also started to run more often. Maybe this is gonna help me to get back in shape! 🙂 I’m going back this afternoon. I’m surprised by the time now… Morning feels like there are 8 hours long! And afternoon like 1h! What the heck? Completely destabilizing…

Tonight we’re going for my farewell party. How awkward… Seeing all those people I trained and work with for last 10 years… Erhh….

So. To a new era! Let’s have some fun now! Let’s the creativity kick in! I’m gonna love being able to create much more, learn new things, learn how to run a business! So exciting! 🙂



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