October WIPs and projects

So where are we with the work in progress and projects from september and the new ones coming up for October…?

Here is the initial list from September:

  • finish my dream black jacket
  • (completed) orange hat
  • (new) orange matching scarf
  • (Completed) the remote control holder project
  • (In progress) knit two pairs of socks
  • (new) knit one baby blanket
  • (completed) knit a baby jacket
  • (completed) matching baby hat
  • finish the reupholstering of the chair
  • (completed) sew that blue and white table cloth
  • finish the (never-ending) curtains




And the extra projects that got added on the go:

  • (Completed) crocheted blue hat in Drops Cloud
  • (Completed) crocheted blue wrist warmers for my friend in Drops Cloud
  • (Completed) crocheted blue wrist warmers for myself in Drops Cloud
  • (In progress) knitted scarf in black and red
  • (Completed) knitted pouch in Drops Symphony



Now, October just started and I already know some friends baby is coming up soon as well as some birthdays… So let’s see:

  • One baby vest
  • One rabbit (still have no idea what the project will be but there must be a rabbit in it)
  • And one bday surprise which I will not write about since that friend is reading that blog… :p you’ll get the post once I handed it over 🙂
  • Something for my mother in law, no idea what either here… Also her birthday this month. 

Hmm, feels like a challenging month… 😀 I’m also gonna teach a friend how to do the wrist warmers soon. Quite looking forward! 🙂

I also want to work on a few die-cuts and stamping techniques. What? There are only 31 days in October you say? 🙂


2 thoughts on “October WIPs and projects

  1. melziemakes says:

    That is a long list, but also very organised of you! I seem to decide just before I have finished one on what to do next,or just hop between projects. Your makes look amazing!

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