New scarf

i know this month I wanted to focus on my WIP and projects and finish as much as possible… But, as I saw already a few extra projects got added on the way (wrist warmers, friend’s hat) and now my husband told me a friend was having a birthday so it would be great if I could make a custom scarf for him… Yes… The request came from the husband (wow!).

So here I go in my statch and trying to find whaat he asked for: black and red wool. And guess what… I have none of this leftovers… The only black wool I have is gonna be used in the black jacket… So I ended up making another order. Bought 5 skeins of Big Merino in black from Drops and 1 in red. And guess what #2… I ran out of wool! 8-0. Damn… So here I am with my scarff completed to a 60%… And having to order again some wool. Luckily it should be delivered soon so I can finish it this weekend.

This is how much wool I have left at the moment…

You can’t see much of the pattern so here is a closer look. I came up with the pattern after… 12 drawings… 

I quite like the whole cable pattern mix 🙂

Btw the big merino is quite nice to knit with, it weirdly doesn’t feel so “merino” to me, but anyway, nice to knit.

I guess you can’t just stick to your plan when things like birthdays just pop up on the way 😉


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