When everything goes wrong

…just stop and do something else…  Well that would have been the best advice for this weekend… Like: stop have a glass of wine, watch a movie, go somewhere else…Instead I kept working hard on my vest, couldn’t find a way to do the neckline, did it 3 times, still not working… Ok, moved on to the sleeves… Nope not any better! Damn it! I tried to fix something, ended up worse, and worse and thus had to unravel so much of it! Erhhhhh! Here is to my mess! In black pretty please…

So after all that, and I don’t know how many lost hours of work… I decided to finally move on to my other unfinished project, and completed that 2nd piece of wrist warmers! Yeayh ok, didn’t go that well either… I wanted to try some new stitches, see if I could improve the last one… Nope, the same unravel, try again, unravel, try again, un-… You see where I’m going… So after so much success (hear me Irony!) I gave up, and at least finished that one using the same pattern I did last time… So nothing new to show up for this weekend I’m afraid, and nothing to tick off from the WIP list since of course the second wrist warmers were not planned (hmm and not even the first ones) 🙂

At least after another day and having that crazy black yarn sorted out, I got 34cm of a sleeve done (out of 56) – which by the way, 56cm seems short to me ?! Any advice on this anyone?


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