September WIP check point

If you’re following this blog, you know that I started a list to track all my WIPs and future projects. Here is a check point to see some progress:

  • finish my dream black jacket
  • (completed) orange hat
  • (new) orange matching scarf…
  • finish the remote control holder project
  • (new) knit one or two pair of socks for my husband
  • (new) knit one baby blanket
  • (completed) knit a baby jacket
  • (new) baby hat
  • finish the reupholstering of the chair from our cottage
  • (completed) sew that blue and white table cloth
  • finish the curtains

Somehow making this list as short as possible, helps me to visualize better on what I can focus to finish faster.

Completed projects:

Orange hat


Baby jacket 

Table cloth


Bonus (Yep that wasn’t on the list), I went for a road trip to Bretagne (many hours in the backseat of a car), so I started to crochet a hat for the friend I was visiting. Ended up still with some wool, so I did some wrist warmers for her too, they are sooooo soft. I seriously love this yarn (Drops Cloud).


“And I feel good” 🙂


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