Baby jacket finished!

That one went really fast! When I think about the last (and also first) baby jacket I did last year, I got to say, this one was completed crazy fast.  

The size (and softness which got me completely hooked) as well as the pattern are for a big part in making it simple and fast to do. I however don’t really like the neckline.

Anyway, I’m in the overall happy about the result. I didn’t expect to have this finished by end of this week, knowing how much stuff is going on.

I even got a quick run at the shop to buy the buttons. Aren’t they cute? 🙂

 And I definitely didn’t expect to use only 2 skeins for the 6months size! Wait what?! Does it mean I have tons of wool remaining for possibly another baby outfit?! Oh my oh my. More knitting with this wool. No wonder they call it Cloud, that’s where you’ll find me 😉



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