Orange hat completed, baby jacket started, Drops Cloud wool review

And second small win of the week: the hat is finished!
I’ll add to my to-do list of next month to write its pattern I guess.

I finally found the wool (Schoeller und Stahl – Meribel Effekt Color) in some shop but unfortunately not enough to make a matching scarf. BUT, I found a few other similar skeins which are fully orange (so no “effekt color”) and that looks like a match! 🙂 Hooray! Now I still need to think about how I’m gonna make this work… Let’s see, maybe next week I’ll have some inspiration.

Meanwhile I started working on the baby jacket. I finally decided to follow this pattern and not to change much except the recommended wool and thus the needle size as well. Seems i’m lucky with my gauge, it’s matching the number of stitches and rows! So no changes for following the pattern. Super-WIN!

The picture is not showing the right colors of the jacket, as I took it by night, but I guess tomorrow’s picture will be better 😉

And the best part of the day: the wool I bought for this! It’s again from Drops, and it’s called Cloud.
It’s simply A-MA-ZING!

I’ve never fell in love so much with a wool. Not kidding! It’s the softest I ever had, so pleasant to knit with. I spent hours knitting mainly because the wool was so nice between the fingers, so soothing. I even got a funny situation due to that. I had something bothering me at the office, and somehow, the yarn just came to my memory and its vision calmed me down (wait, what?!). So weird experience… And then I kept a smile all day long just knowing I was gonna continue knitting this yarn in the evening! I won’t be surprised if my husband enrolls me for rehab soon because of such addiction…

Somehow this event reminded me of this quote I already posted long time ago:

Happy knitting everybody!


One thought on “Orange hat completed, baby jacket started, Drops Cloud wool review

  1. wolfberryknits says:

    Lol that happens to me too :)) somehow just thinking of my knitting or of yarn or fibre I like is just so uplifting and I can’t help but smile and feel better 🙂 I think it’s a great addiction to have!

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