Creative Yarn Entrepreneurs podcast

Whow…. I mean just… Whow!

I don’t remember how I bumped on this podcast, I just know I was getting lost on the internet, browsing, without really searching for this, but this was in fact something I didn’t even expect to exist, and that I would have love to know before! In one day I manage to go through 4-5 episodes, and I love every single one of them. Truely.

This podcast and website are a true source of really good tips on how to market/manage/improve your yarn related activities. I’m definitly going through all of these before end of year as I have several projects getting ready hopefully for next year.

You can find tips on how to better promote your activities on pinterest, facebook, use some lawyers advices, what to expect when you are publishing your patterns through a magazine… And so much more!

So excited 🙂 and of course thumbs up to Marie Segares for the hard work she did with this.

I do not usually promote sites, but this one deserves an exception, and I hope you will find it as useful as I did 🙂


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