Jacket with lace and cable

This is (one of) my current work in progress:

I really like the pattern. The lace and cables are so beautiful. The whole jacket is so nicely looking on the picture…I got to have that one! That would be my first really big project wearable and for myself. I usually tend to always give away almost everything I do even accessories.

The pattern is quite ok to follow. I like that it is varied yet not too much, so you don’t do mistakes (or nothing that would be visible and damaging, I ended up with one extra stitch, then missed 2 later on on the side of the armpit, so it will be invisible when I assemble everything.

This is how far I got:

I did a lot of it during my vacation in Croatia, then I had to stop during this summer – no time for this. But I started again working on it when we went to our cottage during a lazy week-end, and I hope to have it done before fall starts! I’m done with the top of the back, finishing the top of the fronts and then I have to work on the arms (+ assembling of course), and this and that and hopefully I’ll be able to wear it still. I mean… I’ve lost quite a lot of weight recently so I’m wondering how this is gonna turn out now :/ We’ll see… 🙂


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