Knitted carpet

Completed knitted cotton carpet

I finished that project some time ago, but never managed to send the final pictures of how it looks like. I will try to publish more of my finished projects from this year. I wrote some post long ago when this carpet was a work in progress, but that’s all. Today I got time! So enjoy! 🙂 

This carpet was inspired from the pattern from Drops/Garnstudio. I did it using the Paris wools from Drops. I ended up to do one colour per skein of wool before I changed to the next colour for the stripes. As each colored row is a mix of 3 skeins, I ended the row as soon as one of them was over.

This was a very simple project, and very pleasant to do (except maybe that at the end it was quite heavy so I was building up some strong harms ;). But nothing complicated. Basic stitch, and I didn’t want any fringe so also an easy finish.

Very close up on the mix of colours. I love how these are mixing together:
It is so nice on the foot! I love being on it.

I wanted a mix of blue, white and red stripes to go with the rest of the room. I think it worked out nicely 🙂

I never thought of knitting a carpet, but as I couldn’t find anything I liked in the shops, well the usual: I decided to do it myself. Same as my upcoming black jacket. (Oups spoiler alert 😉 )


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