Vacation – Croatia, France

  We managed with my husband to leave for vacation to Croatia end of June, which was the best time before all the massive crowd arrives. He picked Makarska, which is a beautiful town with beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, and a perfect bar by the beach with great music.
Basically, we spend some awesome vacation 🙂 then I had to go back to France to visit my family and tons of friends I haven’t seen in ages. One of them is my friend Aurelie, she’s an awesome hairdresser. I went to see her last Tuesday at her shop, with crazy long hair, that haven’t been touch for a year and a half (last time I saw her) so they were really long, and since this summer is crazy hot, I was happy she got me a short haircut. She braided my hair in zigzag.


Next day after removing the braids, it was beautiful!

I managed to get a sunburn yesterday… Ouch! So now i’m working on getting a tan on my back because I look like a forgotten pancake… :/
Tomorrow I’m heading back home, it’s been some time….. I wonder how my desk will look like as last time when one of  my guys left for 3 weeks for his honeymoon, we played a bunch of tricks… (Imagine his desk was the emptiest you can imagine, without anything on the walls at all…)


Luckily we have a great sense of humour in the team, so he laught hard. But he promised me I’ll have some surprise when I’m back… we’ll see…


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