Easter in the snow… and cupcakes

And once again we’re having snow for Easter! Unbelievable!

This time, Easter was not much for celebration or chocolate feast. I didn’t see my nephews, so I couldn’t give them all the goodies I got for them; and my last grand-parent just passed away. But I didn’t want to let myself go into sad mood, so I ended up baking… A looot… I needed plenty of colors to cheer me up.

I used the same recipe as the last bunch of popcorn cupcakes I did not so long ago. This time I added a few chocolate chips and kept the amount of sugar recommended. They were delicious!

I got the cupcake wrappers from Catchmyparty which has been designed by Paula at BluGrass Designs. So pretty! I kept the pink wrappers for the princess cupcakes I did on Sunday. And I found the toppers also at Catchmyparty through Printabelle. Printabelle designed a few free printables that I will definitely use in the future…


I know I could have done some decoration on the top of these chocolate cupcakes, but didn’t feel like, sometimes simple tastes better 😉


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