Popcorn cupcakes

Yesterday was my husband’s bday celebration with his friends, and for this occasion I went all-in 🙂

I wanted to make a cake that would be really matching what he likes, except he’s not any big fan of cakes… But, he’s a big fan of pop corn… After seeing some awful popcorn cakes on the web, I opted for the pop corn cup cakes (which are in fact made from marshmallows).

First challenge was to find those tiny marshmallow, I was lucky that a week before the event I bumped into a new cooking section at our Tesco which had them so I already bought a bag. I figured that for safety I would buy a second bag which I found at Marks & Spencers.

I called a friend to help me prepare these as I was limited in time and not sure how these would turn out. 2 brains are better than one 🙂

We started by separating the pink marshmallows from the white ones… oh yeah… now i’m planning a second round of cup cakes with pink marshmallows…


I baked the cup cakes based on this recipe. I just modified the amount of sugar to a full cup instead of 3/4, and let them bake at least 18min. They were so tasty! I will reuse that recipe for sure!


While the cupcakes where baking we prepared the corn (marshmallows)…

I was following this awesome blog which had some instructions about how to do the decorations. But seems it is down today 😦 I really enjoyed how the post was written. I hope it will get back up and running soon!

Basically we used a pair of scissors, cut the marshmallow either in two and then stick them together in a v-shape, or cut the top or the side part in 4, or also cut a bit of the top and then the bottom again.

We used some yellow food colouring. My friend preferred using the dust and her hands to colour them, I preferred a bit of water and a paint brush, the mix was awesome! image

We used some decorating tube to spread a little bit at the top of the cup cakes where we were gonna stick the “pop corn”, and then sticked those pop corn to the spread. Perfect! (Except that we ran out of decorating tube and marshmallows… Luckily my brother-in-law helped us with the shopping :)) For the note, I ended up using 4 bags of these small marshmallows… So yeah… Now I have about 2 full bags of pink marshmallows…………

I had printed a few cup cakes holder with the pop corn designs (from the previous site), they were the perfect size and I added a spin with some tooth picks decorated with a clapper containing a few texts.

image image

In total I had about 17 cup cakes (+2-3 that we ate while making these….. :P)

During the celebration they were a big success for the originality of the idea 🙂 and people were happily surprised that they were not as sweet as they would expect them. Bref, I was happy and so was my husband 🙂 Thanks again to my friend Eliska for the big help as well as my dear brother-in-law!


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