Bugnes de Lyon

Today I made some bugnes. It was a first time for my husband to try these, and I think last time I did some was probably 8-9 years ago! I did a bunch, but I think next time I’ll x4…
  They are so easy to do and good to share with family, friends and co-workers 🙂


– 200g flour (self-raising, or add some backing powder)

– 40g sugar

– 1 large spoon of oil

– A pinch of salt

– 2 eggs

– Powdered sugar

– (Orange blossom)

Mix all the ingredients, best is to mix them by hand. If you like, add a little bit of orange blossom, it gives a marvelous taste.

Lay the dough flat, cut rectangles and make another cut in the center of the rectangles.

Pass one of the extremity inside the hole to twist the bugne.

Fry them (you need to turn them and fry them on both sides + beware they fry very fast).

Remove the extra oil from them with some kitchen towels (paper).

Sprinkle them with powdered sugar, et voilà!


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